La Vita is the mother of two, one daughter and one son and a grandmother of 8.  She was born in Fresno, CA but has also resided in Richmond, CA from 1989-1995 and in Inglewood, CA from 1999-2001.  It was the love for her children and her family that lead her home, back to Fresno, CA, each time.

La Vita has been employed in the Health Care industry for over 30 years. She also received her Realtor license in May 2020, with the goal of helping family members obtain the American dream of home ownership.

La Vita is the CEO and Founder of, 4 All Generations Empowerment Group.  La Vita felt the need to start this organization to support families who are facing difficulties and who are struggling with real life issues.  Her desire to start this nonprofit organization came from her past experiences on grief and domestic abuse. La Vita loss her beloved brother in a car accident when she was 16 years old.  She struggled with overwhelming grief and did not know where to turn for help on how to cope with the tremendous pain of her loss.  La Vita is also a survivor of domestic abuse as a young teenager into her young adult life. During the time La Vita was in a volatile relationship, she was not aware that she was experiencing domestic abuse, not until she almost lost her life by the hands of her abuser.

One of La Vita’s goals with 4AGEgroup, is to assist those struggling with grief by providing support and a listening ear.  In addition to grief counseling, 4AGEgroup offers Domestic abuse awareness classes with guidance to other organizations that can provide resources.

La Vita is the Creator and Manager of an all-girls Rap/Singing group called G-Girls Swag ages 5-10.  These little girls love to perform and create music vides which can be seen on their Youtube page at the following link   G-GIRLS SWAG – YouTube.   During the peak of the pandemic, G-Girls Swag gave out face mask and they performed outside at church events and at the Fair’s Drive thru Eats. La Vita’s goal with 4AGEgroup is to expand G-Girls Swag into a Girls club for ages 5-12 to offer hygiene classes, education classes on bullying and classes for over- all self-esteem and self-care.

La Vita is a published author who has written the book Lessons in Love, available on Amazon.

This book was brought to life by La Vita’s desire to shed light on domestic abuse and bring awareness to the fact that everyone should not be welcomed into your life.  La Vita wrote this book in hopes of enlighten women and men to not ignore the warning signs of someone’s troubling actions. La Vita wanted to show her readers that they need to pay attention to who they let around themselves and their children. Also, to be careful of who they choose to love, because this decision will not only affect them, but will affect their children, either positively or negatively.  La Vita’s hope for those who read her book is that they will have an awaking and will look out for the warning signs of an abuser and realize that abuse is not Love.

LaVita’s message to her readers is, Love doesn’t hurt physically nor mentally.

If someone is hurting you, SPEAK UP, REACH OUT and GET OUT.

Don’t be a Victim, be Victorious.

Link to the book on Amazon

Tyriq experience growing up in West Fresno and seeing so many of his young friends die to gang violence inspired him to become a mentor to local youth, including his family members.

In 2014, the murder of his best friend from childhood, motivated Tyriq to leave his previous lifestyle and to try to help others to do the same.

Tyriq is a Motivational Speaker, Mentor and Life Coach. He has mentored not only the youth, but older men as well, who have lost their way in life.

Tyriq started his journey when he was 12 years old as part of the Mayor’s Youth Initiative Graffiti Removal Task Force. Tyriq and eight of his friends would meet up at Glory Bound Ministries in West Fresno to go out in the church van throughout the community removing Graffiti from local businesses and homes. Tyriq was privileged to be mentored by God fearing black men who had a heart for the youth. These men understood the challenges our young black boys face every day in society. Some of the men were ex-gang members themselves and wanted to detour these young boys from having the same fate they experienced. Unfortunately, out of the eight boys that started the program 2 of them did not live to see their 21st birthday.

Tyriq’s goal is to motivate youth to avoid the street life and to stay in school. To give them hope to accomplish their dreams and to be all that they can be.



Neikia is a Licensed Vocational Nurse.  She obtained her License in 2010 and has been employed in the health care industry for over 11 years. Neikia started her journey as a nurse working as a CNA in various skilled nursing facilities.  Neikia went on to graduate as one of the top ten students in her class receiving her License in Nursing.  Neikia’s experience in the Skilled Nursing facilities gives her the knowledge needed to offer health evaluations to our elderly community.  Neikia is the director of 4AGEgroup community health education programs.

Our community health education programs consist of blood pressure checks, Instructions for family members on how to care for their elderly parents, Nutritional advice and diabetes education.

Neikia currently works in a crisis facility for individuals going through mental health crisis. With Neikia’s crisis stability knowledge, 4AGEgroup can provide support to our local communities for those facing crisis. No one in our community should have to face a crisis alone.  Under Neikia’s leadership 4AGEgroup can provide the necessary support and resources to help connect individuals to hope and healing.

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